Fergie’s Brunch Returns May 28, 2020

Fergie's brunch

Phase 2 of restarting BC’s economy is here and Fergie’s Cafe is bringing back brunch without jeopardizing the health of our team or guests. We are going to take full advantage of our beautiful spacious lawn to bring you delicious locally sourced brunch – safely.

Here’s what you need to know before arrival to maximize your Fergie’s experience, including FAQ’s.

Hours of operation:
Sunday through Thursday: 9am to 3pm
Friday and Saturday: 9am to 9pm

Location: 70002 Squamish Valley Rd

We’re following regulations

We are working very hard to make sure that all of our operations are compliant with safety guidelines from BC’s Ministry of Health, Vancouver Coastal Health and WorkSafeBC. This means your next visit may look a little different than usual.

Max per table

  • As per BC Provincial Health requirements, no more than 6 people can be seated together at one table. This includes children.

Stay home if you’re sick

  • If you feel under the weather, or have any coughs, sniffles, sneezes, woozies, fevers, or other kinds of blahhhs – please stay home. Have your healthy friends bring back a Fergie’s brunch for you to enjoy safely. Check out our menu!

Team safety

  • We’re doing everything we can to ensure our team is healthy, changing our operations to make sure we are strictly following BC’s provincial guidelines. For further details on specific measures, please see our COVID-19 Safety Plan.

We’re a unique location

Escape the four walls of your home

  • We’re lucky enough to offer almost exclusively outdoor seating – it’s easy to spread out on our beautiful lawn without compromising your “bubble”.
  • We’ve added more picnic tables beyond the lawn – sit closer to the river for a change of scenery while you enjoy your Fergie’s brunch.
  • We took the time to landscape – fresh trees, plants and flowers, oh my!

Dress for the outdoors

  • While we have some undercover or indoor seats available, due to safe physical distancing practices that space is very limited.
  • We will not have blankets to hand out so make sure you bring the layers you need to be comfortable.
  • There’s also no undercover or indoor space while you wait for a table if we’re busy.
    • Bring umbrellas to stay dry (we’re in a temperate rainforest after all)
    • Or book an overnight getaway in a Sunwolf cabin so you can stay cozy regardless

Keep the kids entertained

  • We can’t share our toys right now, so please make sure you bring whatever you need to keep your children entertained
  • There is no WiFi
  • Our playground is open, but we ask that children still maintain distancing while using our equipment as much as possible

Assume that everyone around you could be vulnerable and behave accordingly.

Keep on keeping on

The last couple of months have been hard on all of us. There’s been a lot of fear, uncertainty and tension. There has also been a lot of good: neighbours and strangers helping each other out, whole communities applauding essential workers, and a general sense of us all being in this together.

We hope you’ll remember that when you come to Fergie’s. As we take extra precautions to keep staff and guests safe, wait times may be longer despite our best efforts. Please be respectful of our staff and guests and understand that we’ve all been under an extended strain and we’re all doing our best.

As Dr. Bonnie Henry says, “Be kind, be calm and be safe.”

When you arrive…

  • Our unpaved parking lot is accessible on the right from our driveway.
  • Please minimize impact by arriving in one car with your minimal pandemic bubble.
  • Obey all parking signs and do not obstruct any roadways.
  • If you see the line up for Fergie’s reaches the walkway entrance, then it will be at least an hour wait for food. Sadly we would ask you to come back another day. With all the COVID safety precautions we have put in place and capacity limitations, our wait times may be longer.
  • You'll see a bike rack behind the gate near our lawn.
    • While we expect our guests to be honest and respectable, please understand that we do not take responsibility for the security of your bike. If you're concerned, please bring a lock.
  • Initial access to Fergie's is via the upper wooden walkway. Please see "Where to go..." section for details.
  • Access is from the carpark via our upper wooden pedestrian walkway.
  • Physical distancing must be maintained - 2m or 6ft between your group and the next. Keep within the markers.
  • Meet seating host at the end of the lodge before the bridge to be seated
    • If we’re busy, the host will take your phone number and text you when table ready.
  • Feel free to go for a walk around the back of the property or down to the river while you wait for the message that your table is available.
    • No take out coffee will be available while you are waiting, but on weekends we'll have some fresh baked goods while supplies last
  • When you receive the text, go to the Meeting Point (the host will explain when you see them) and meet your server (distantly)
  • Maximum 6 people per picnic table
  • Coffees are currently served in compostable containers. No refills at this time
  • We don't have pre-order and pick up available; however, if you'd like to take your meal to go, please request that it gets served in a compostable container when you order.
  • Card payments only - no cash
  • One bill per table - no separate bills to minimize physical contact on credit card machine to protect our team
  • Bring warm clothing/umbrellas as needed - it’s always cooler here in the valley by the river than elsewhere in Squamish. We have no undercover or indoor area available while you wait for a table. We also won’t have blankets to hand out. Dress appropriately!
  • Please keep an eye on your kids to make sure they are maintaining safe social distancing.
  • Our playground is open - with some limitations:
    • If you or your children are sick, or are coughing and sneezing a lot, please reconsider using the equipment.
    • If the kids can't maintain some distance from each other, they'll have to take their turn playing.
  • We can't share any of our toys or books so please bring some from home to keep your kids entertained.
  • On leash at all times - no exceptions
  • Please pick up after your dog. There are poop bag dispensers and disposal bins on the property for your use.
  • Dogs are only allowed at the picnic tables on the lawn or gravel.
  • As per Vancouver Coastal Health requirements, only service dogs (with appropriate certification) are permitted on the patio, deck or in the trailer

2 thoughts on “Fergie’s Brunch Returns May 28, 2020”

    1. No, we do not take reservations at Fergie’s Cafe; it’s first come, first served.

      On weekends, when we’re busiest, we offer some fresh baked goods to nibble on while you wait. There’s also no need to stand in a boring line: the seating host takes down your name and phone number to text you when your table is ready so you’re free to wander the forested property or hang out by the river.

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