This document details the measures Fergie’s Cafe has put in place to ensure the physical well-being of our team, our guests and our community. Our goal with this plan is to create a workplace that is aware, committed and responsive to the new protocols, ensuring we support the Provincial Ministry of Health in reducing the risk of person-to-person COVID-19 transmission.

  • All work at Fergie’s Cafe will be carried out while strictly respecting the constraints of public health authorities and in accordance with government directives. 
  • Fergie’s COVID-19 Policy sets out our policies, rules, conditions and responsibilities to be followed by our team. We have consulted with team members to identify risks and implemented protocols to minimize the potential for transmission. All staff are trained by managers on their respective COVID-19 safety protocols. All staff complete a self declaration health check prior to leaving home and are not allowed to come to work if they are experiencing any symptoms, however mild. Furthermore, all staff must have their temperature taken by a manager prior to commencing their shift.
  • Staff are instructed to stay away from the property if they have any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19. They must self-quarantine until all symptoms have disappeared and any mandated quarantine period has been completed. 
  • Guests are advised not to enter our property if they have any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Our team diligently clean and sanitize our cafe, with increased frequency of cleaning and sanitizing of high touch point surfaces every 45 minutes. 
  • The playground is sanitized twice daily, and hand sanitizer is provided for guests to use. There are specific rules posted at the playground.
  • Deliveries are unpacked by Fergie’s staff outside of the kitchen and brought inside in sanitised containers.
  • Spread of the virus is limited by frequent, proper and effective hand washing, hand sanitization, and cough/sneezing etiquette. Staff are instructed to wash their hands at least every 30 minutes. Where hand washing is not available, hand sanitizer is provided for guests and staff throughout the property. 
  • Physical distancing is our most important measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Staff must maintain 6 ft spacing between themselves and guests at all times.
  • Flow in and around the restaurant is strictly controlled. Entrance to the cafe is only along the wooden walkway. Exit is along the gravel path from the lawn. Guests are asked to stay away from the restaurant until their table is ready.
  • Social distancing markers are posted on walkways to clearly identify the required 6 ft spacing.
  • There will be at least 6 ft between guests sitting at different tables. Guests are not permitted to move the tables.
  • We have established 15 ft avenues between tables to allow guests and staff to move through the restaurant without compromising the 6 ft rule. 
  • The number of people seated together is limited, by BC Provincial Health Policies, to a maximum of six. Only people from the same group may be seated together on the same table. 
  • On seating, guests will be asked to leave a space at the end of the table as the ‘Drop Zone’ where servers can place food and drinks without coming too close.
  • Guests can access the Fergie’s Cafe menu online. If guests have no access to the internet, a laminated menu will be provided, which is sanitized after each use.
  • Servers are not permitted to remove anything from the table. Anything that has been on the table is treated as potentially ‘contaminated’ and may only be handled by the bussing team.
  • NO CASH payments. Only touch free payment using the tap option whenever possible, and the POS is disinfected after each use. One bill per table – no split bills to minimize staff/customer contact time.
  • All personal protective equipment required by BC Provincial Health for staff is provided by Fergie’s Cafe.
  • Servers and baristas are not recommended by BC Provincial Health to wear gloves or masks. Bussing Teams are required to wear aprons, masks and gloves at all times during shift. Dishwashers are required to wear aprons, masks, gloves and eye protection when working  in the dishwashing zone.
  • As per the BC Provincial Health requirements, our capacity is 244.

The contact for COVID-19 related concerns is our General Manager, Vanessa DeNardo, who can be contacted by email at vanessa (at)

We are committed to following the steps outlined by BC Provincial Health and WorkSafeBC. We are continually monitoring and modifying our safety plan to prioritize everyone’s safety. 

Thank you to our loyal community for your continued support!    

Fergie’s COVID Response