Fergie’s Gift Guide

Support Local

Did you know that for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 recirculates back to the community? Buying gifts locally doesn’t just support the community, it provides personalized presents the receiver loves receiving. Which makes gifting that much more rewarding – there’s just no down side!

Below are some ways to share Fergie’s with your Sea to Sky friends. If you have loved ones around BC, hit up the Support Local BC website. You can buy gift cards online for small businesses around the province. (There’s no commission on the service, either. 100% of the gift card payment goes directly to the business where it is redeemable.)

Gift Guide: Drop Off

Gathering may be off the table for the next little while, but you can still show your neighbours and friends some love! Drop off these delicious house made Fergie’s goodies (all gluten free) and we promise not to judge if you pick some up for yourself too. Right now we have our signature hot sauce and smoky barbecue sauce available for purchase at the Cafe.

Gift Guide: Long Distance

We’re all getting creative with how we connect this year, but also with how we give. Some loved ones you’re just not going to be able to visit even at a distance. That’s okay though! There’s the option to gift an experience and create memories.

Fergie’s Cafe is located at Sunwolf Riverside Resort – a set of cozy cabins along the Cheakamus and Cheekye Rivers that flow past the cafe. There are no TV and no WiFi; it’s all about disconnecting from the hustle and bustle, and reconnecting with Mother Nature and each other. Curl up by the fire, fall asleep to the sound of the river, hop over for delicious brunch at Fergie’s and spot the bald eagles in the trees. As far as gift ideas go, this one’s a doozy. Call our office to purchase a gift certificate today! 604-898-1537

If you just want to give the gift of a meal or a few at Fergie’s, you can also purchase e-gift cards for the restaurant online.